Blue Island Divers: Dive Rates, Rental Equipment

Dive Rates, Per Person
Two tank dives Tanks and
Weights only
With Our Equipment
(BCD, Reg, Octo, etc.)
1 (Two dives) $120 Add $10
3 (Six Dives) $300 Add $25
4 (Eight dives) $375 Add $30
5 (Ten dives) $500 Add $35
Night Dive $95 Add $10
Snorkeller (Rider, per boat trip, Snorkel gear included) $50
Dives after 10 are pro rated per dive

Rental Equipment

Our rental equipment is renewed regularly, ensuring top quality rental equipment for your diving vacation. We use the following configuration and brands of rental equipment

BCD's: Aqualung Wave BCD's & Mares Vector Origin BCD's

Regulators: Aqualung Titan with ABS octo and Suunto pressure and depth gauges. Mares Axis primary and octo, with submersible p.s.i. pressure gauge.

Wet suit: Akona 3mm Shortie

Fins: Mares Tropic

Masks & Snorkels: ScubaMax Navigator

Rental Equipment Rates in US$
 Description Rate for Rental Equipment
when diving with us
Daily Rate for Rental Equipment
(not diving with us)
 Cylinder / Dive Tank Included $12
 Buoyancy Compensator $5 $12
 Regulator $5 $20
 Weight Belt With weights Included $4
 Wet Suit $5 $12
 Full Set SCUBA Gear $12 $60
 Mask & Snorkel $3 $7
 Fins $2 $5
 Full Set of Snorkel Gear N/A $10
 Full Set Snorkel & SCUBA
(does not include wetsuit)
$10 $50
Additional Items
 Nitrox up to 36% $24 N/A
 Flashlight $6 $10
We offer two exciting ways to take home the memories of your dive vacation to share with family & friends.

An excellently produced Stock Video of several of the most popular dive sites is being offered by Blue Island Divers in conjunction with Happy and Free Productions for only $20.

Also, we can create custom videos of you and your group documenting your adventures.