The Fantastic Staff & Crew of Blue Island Divers

Geoffrey Smith

Geoffrey Smith is originally from Syracuse, NY and moved to St Thomas in 2004. He fell in love with the undersea world as a child watching Jacques Cousteau and old reruns of SeaQuest with his father. Learning to swim in his grandparents pool very young, he was always the first in and the last to get out of the water.

As a teenager he was first exposed to Scuba diving at the US Space Academy, where submerged in a 40 ft tank inside of a space suit, was asked to asked to put together a mock satellite made up of PVC piping. While dreaming of becoming an astronaut he actually became an Aquanaut. The following summer a family friend, a NAUI instructor and former NAVY SEAL, set up a hookah rig at a lake at a near by golf course. So, donning a mask and a pair of worn out Nike sneakers he carried a bag of rocks around a lake picking up golf balls.

The next year he got his open water certification, on a very cold snowy November day in Lake Erie. That was 1989, since then he has accumulated thousands of hours underwater. Starting in the Great Lakes and 1000 Islands and working across the US, he has explored both the East and West coasts. Diving as far north as North Vancouver Island and as far south as Aruba and every where in between. During the late 90's he served in the US Marine Corps, though not diving as his MOS or job, it still offered the chance to dive in some locations others will never get to experience.

Moving to St Thomas in 2004 after 15 years of diving he decided to become an instructor so he could share his passion for diving with others. For the past 5 years he has been living the dream. If you don't find him underwater you will surely find him strumming his guitar either onstage or just at the beach, it's the only thing he's been doing longer than diving.


Web is our newest member of the team, although he has been on the island for several years he decided to give our side of the island a try. Web is one of our favorite dive masters, when he is not on the air with our favorite rock station (FM 104.3, The Buzz), he is surfing, sailing, diving or just playing on the water.

Favorite Dive Site: Miss Opportunity

Bethaney Pichieri

Bethaney has lived in the US Virgin Islands for nearly 20 years. she is a Lawyer, a PADI Instructor and is the owner and operator of the boutique at the Emerald Beach Best Western hotel nearby.

She hailed from Boston, went to college in North Carolina, and law school at Emory University. While at Emory, Bethaney achieved not only academic excellence, but also the coveted SCUBA certification.

She was able to take several vacations, to places such as Fiji, the Great Barrier Reef, and Belize, where the underwater world captivated her soul. SCUBA, not law, was on her mind.

After 2 years practicing law in DC, she decided to move to America's Paradise where she could pursue her passion yet still remain in the field of law .

After completing the move to the Virgin Islands, and the Virgin Islands Bar Exam, Bethaney practiced law on St. Croix and St. Thomas, finally settling on St Thomas and marrying the love of her life, Paul.

Bethaney worked as a Divemaster on weekends, practicing law during the week, until one day, the paperwork Nazi went too far! So, she came to Blue Island Divers to obtain her PADI Instructor rating, and the rest is history.

Jim Blakey

Jim is one of the "Old Guard" of the store, having been part of Blue Island Divers for over 10 years. He was a one time investor and partner with a previous owner and ran the business for a while.

He has been around diving all his life. Both his parents started diving in the late 1960's and some of his favorite early memories are of playing on the beach while waiting for them to come back from their dive. He got his first dive certificate in 1978 and has been diving ever since. He is currently a PADI instructor.

Jim works as an engineering consultant and splits his time between St Thomas (his permanent residence) and New York, California, or where ever his clients are at the time.

Favorite Dive Sites: Grainton and Flat Cay East

Here is an an opportunity to meet the staff & crew who will be making sure that your experience with us is safe, enjoyable and memorable.

We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service, our motto is:
"Arrive as a customer
leave as a friend"


Kilian Hammerbeck

Kilian has spent the past twenty years either working on or underneath the water. He became a PADI professional in 1997 in St. Marten. He has received seven “Excellence in Service” awards from Princess Cruise Ship Lines and enjoys providing meaningful and fun experiences to all of his diving guests. Kilian received a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Xavier University in 1996. While in college he also worked as a climbing instructor. One of Kilian's fondest memories is sailing almost 1/3 around the world for fun on a sailboat he purchased in Finland.

Morgan Brookhart

Morgan moved to St. Thomas in 2012 in order to pursue her passion for diving and exploring the underwater world. Before moving to St. Thomas, Morgan worked as a high school teacher, college counselor, and completed her internship for School Leadership and Administration. Originally from South Carolina Morgan received her undergraduate degrees from Wofford College and her Masters Degrees from Columbia College and The University of South Carolina. Every weekend she had off work, she was always diving. Whether in the cold lakes or the Florida springs. She finally decided to leave that life behind her and to pursue her goal of working full time as a PADI dive professional and has not looked back since.