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Selecting a Web Hosting Company

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Even after many years of surfing the internet, knowing the difference between web hosting providers is important to understand. The first thing that most hosting companies try to sell you on is their huge systems, connectivity, and a host of other technical wizbangs.

First of all, a host can have a medium size ‘pipe’, or connection to the internet such as a T-3, or large pipes like OC-3’s or OC-12’s. But the speed at which your website loads is dependant on how many other sites are being served up on that pipe! You can never find out that information. Ask to see some of the clients websites and see how fast they load for you.

The other features of huge systems and technical wizbangs are not such a big deal. For 95% of sites, when you website get set up, the maintenance will be minimal. So those things really don’t matter. It is always good to have FTP access to make changes to your site, and just about every web host offers that.

So what is the big determining factor in selecting a web host? The people who provide the service. The internet has a host of confusing terms and if your hosting company can’t take the time to help you understand the internet and how it works, it’s time to find another host. Here at Internet Host Services we do business the old fashioned way, we talk to our clients. We speak in terms you can understand.

Every month we have new clients coming to us with a horror stories about their previous web hosting companies. "They never called me back." "They wouldn’t talk to me.""They took forever to make changes." The complaints go on and on. Internet Host Services can can change all that for your company.

Another great feature we offer is no contracts. We also have 30 day, 100% Money Back Guarantee and after that, if you are unhappy we can refund the unused portion of your hosting. We work hard to keep you happy.

If the web host offers ‘dial-up’ connection to the Internet, most likely they will share their servers with dial-up accounts. During heavy traffic periods that will slow down your loading speed, making customers frustrated with your site! We only host websites. So you won't have that problem with us.

Backing up the web servers is important as well. Computers and the web are not perfect, so having a daily back-up of website gives you that extra peace of mind and better nights sleep!

One final note, ask potential hosting companies for a list of clients so you can call and find out from a 3rd party how their service has been. We are proud that we can offer you all of what we have talked about. We consider our website hosting and support second to none. Our concept isn’t to host the world, but to host clients that are serious about their business and know that having a good web presence is extremely important in increasing their profitability.

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